Making the Invisible Visible: Strategies in Infection Prevention & Caries Management for the Entire Dental Team During & Beyond COVID-19


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Location:  Virtual Online CE



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Dentistry is supposed to focus on prevention of infection and disease, but in the pandemic environment we find ourselves living in this quickly becomes a magnified focus in all areas of the dental practice. This course focuses on infection prevention and caries management for the entire dental team as we discuss the altered and continued needs of our patients during and after the pandemic while incorporating the mandated use of SMART technology during this time. Whether you are an RDH or DDS, in private or public practice, or you see patients big or little in size- this course is for you. What once may have been considered “saved for public health” is now mandated as a part of our everyday routine.

Join us as we explore the new and continued needs of our patients and discuss applicable uses for Silver Diamine Fluoride in the dental chair.


  • Review the need for and increased public interest in infection prevention
  • Understand guidelines for use and the advantages and disadvantages of silver diamine fluoride
  • Recognize the treatment options under caries prevention and know when it has crossed into treatment
  • Understand the process of care between dentist and hygienist when working within the prevention to treatment spectrum

CE credit: 2 credits of CE in two CORE areas (infection control & treatment planning).

Trainer: Haley Dollins, RDH, MSDH Ed, Dental Experts President

Haley received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Dental Hygiene from the University of Missouri-Kansas City-School of Dentistry (UMKC), focusing her graduate studies on education, public health & policy.

Haley’s broad dental experience includes periodontics, pedodontics, oral maxillofacial prosthodontics, & oral oncology in both hospital and general practice dentistry. Her knowledge allows her to take an informed and well-rounded approach to the patient care and education she provides while working clinically for Dental Experts. Her ability to adapt to diverse settings is a valuable asset to the Dental Experts team. Haley mentors and prepares dental professionals for the many facets of dentistry and the inherent responsibilities of serving the public.

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