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Light Curing Complexity. Clinical Simplicity!

Cost:  Free for Hope Dental Volunteers. $10 suggested donation for non-volunteers
Date:  March 19, 2019
Time:  5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
Location:  Hope Dental Clinic, 800 Minnehaha Avenue East, Suite 465, Saint Paul, MN 55106

This class is appropriate for licensed dentists and dental, hygiene and assisting students.


What you’ll learn

Several concurrent light curing trends intended to reduce steps and save time in the restorative procedure have been rapidly evolving. The simultaneous development of bulk curing restorative materials with reduced shrinkage stress and recent advances in high intensity LED curing lights has created an expectation of single-increment composite placement requiring significantly reduced curing times. Photo-curing of dental composites is governed by an array of complex interactions such as light intensity, exposure time, photoinitiator system, initiator/light source spectral overlap and the collective material optical properties. As a consequence, light curing of today’s dental materials may not be as simple as light on and light off.

This presentation will attempt to provide some insights into the complexities of light curing and establish if these recent insights into the complexities of light curing and establish if these recent trends are realistic expectations or dreams that are too good to be true. In addition, several tips and tricks for a more successful clinical outcome will be highlighted.

Please also bring your curing lights if you want them tested as 3M will have their special testing device available this evening.

Trainer: Joe Oxman, Ph.D. 

Joe Oxman received his Ph.D. in Organic (photo) chemistry from Northwestern University in 1983 He has been employed by 3M for 35 years and is currently a Corporate Scientist. He has been a developer of many dental and non-dental technologies and is considered a global expert in photocurable systems, nanotechnology, structural composites, hard tissue adhesives, glass ionomer materials, orthogonal smart-materials and technical strategies to minimize material shrinkage stress.

He has 102 issued US patents, more than 100 publications/abstracts in reputable technical journals and has been an invited international lecturer and teacher for more than 300 keynotes, presentations and classes.

He has received many prestigious International and 3M Corporate Honors including: the 3M Carlton Society (2003), the American Chemical Society (ACS) National Collaborative Research Award (2007), the University of Colorado College of Engineering & Applied Science Corporate Advocate Award (2007), the IADR Peyton Skinner Award for Innovation in Dental Materials (2013), ACS Industrial Polymer Science Award (2016) and in 2017 he was inducted as an ACS Polymer Fellow.

He was also instrumental in co-establishing the National Science Foundation Cooperative Research Center on “Fundamentals & Applications of Photopolymerization” He has also served as a coach and judge for the Discovery 3M Young Scientist Challenge Competition and as the 3M Director of Research for Minnesota Dental Research Center for Biomaterials and Biomechanics at the University of Minnesota

Hobbies include travelling, running, bicycling, gardening, baseball, global beer sampling and just to name a few.

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