The Cost of Poor Oral Health

Tooth decay in children is one of the leading diseases of childhood

Pain caused by dental problems can result in missed school, behavior issues and delayed development

Adults with crooked, missing or damaged teeth may have a harder time securing employment

Our goals at Hope Dental go way beyond a “pretty smile.”  We are concerned about the long-term effects that influence day-to-day living. Things like infections that can spread to other parts of the body, poor social image resulting in diminished academic and employment successes and the affordability gap.

One study by Delta Dental plans estimated that 30% of school aged children ages 6—12 accounted for 9 million missed days of school. Another study suggested that people who were missing front teeth were often seen as less intelligent and not as trustworthy than those with healthy smiles.

One of the most significant barriers to getting good dental care is access and affordability.  Current public funding is woefully insufficient to meet even the most basic oral health needs. That’s where Hope Dental comes in. Our goal is to help reduce the pain, stigma and other health issues plaguing many members of our community.

While many patients come to us struggling with a dental emergency, we also address preventative care and oral health education.

In the future, will be including an education article on a regular blog. If you have any topics you’d like to suggest or questions you’d like to see addressed, please write to us at




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